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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

August 2016 Board Minutes

Attendees:                      Sharon Eichmann, Max Roe, Betty Shaw, Jane Stevenson, John Hedge
PSG:                                  Larry Edwards, Susan Keene
Homeowners Present:  Veronica Coleman, Jim and Margaret Vernon and Steve Linson
                                          Loma Chan, Kathy Messer, Marjorie Bontrager, Karen Crowe, 
                                          Pam Roe, Jay Burnett,
Guest:                              Scott Tanner, Attorney for Country Village Homeowners Assoc.

The meeting was called to order at 6:45 pm at the Harrison by Board President, Max Roe.  

Susan Keene reviewed the financials.   Betty Shaw motioned to accept financial information as presented and was seconded by Sharon Eichmann.

At this time Max Roe introduce Scott Tanner, Attorney for Country Village Homeowners Association.    Mr. Tanner discussed many topics from the Articles of Incorporation that were amended in 2015 as a prelude to the updating of the By-Laws, occupancy requirements, tenancy requirements, etc.  Mr. Tanner explained that the Articles of Incorporation were amended before the 2015 annual meeting for staggering terms of five (5) board member and that the 2016 annual meeting would elect one (1) board member for a three year term.

Several homeowners had questions for Mr. Tanner regarding the timing of the changes that were made in conjunction to the November 2015 election for board members.  There appears to be some negative attention being given to having 5 board members when the By-laws state there are only to be 3.  The By-laws that are currently recorded provide for 5 board members.   The fact is there have been 5 board members for at least the last 25 years.

It is unclear as to why this is such an issue.  Numerous homeowners have spoken up stating they are satisfied with the board currently in place and have entrusted them to make the decisions necessary for this community.  Other facts that need to be documented is that the ability of the board to guide and direct Property Services work efforts are greatly impacted by the amount of funds available to do the work that is needed.  The fact there has been $7,980.18 spent to date in 2016 on legal fees against a line budget amount of $6,000.00.  And for 2015, $10,938.72 spent against a line budget amount of $3,500.00.  These overages account for $10,000.00 plus dollars less available funds for covering work to our properties.  Additionally, it impacts the reserve.  You can’t deposit money you don’t have in the reserve account!   This is a fact homeowners need to be worried about.  The fact the board has needed to consult with our legal counsel to address the issues presented by a handful of homeowners that seem to think the board does not have the best interest of our owners in mind.  

Other items discussed with our homeowners that were in attendance include the topic of trash collections and the proper handling of trash.  Boxes are to be broken down and bundled, tree limbs are to be tied and bundled.  The collection service will not pick up loose trash.  It is our responsibility to police our own trash.  It appears some of the issues are tenant related and we will be making plans to send correspondence to tenants as it is possible the owners do not pass down that type of information.

Country Village Homeowners Association Board meets the Second Monday of each month and all homeowners are welcome to attend the general meeting.  If they have specific items they wish to place on the agenda, they should contact Property Service office with their agenda items or contact any Board Member by the first Monday of the month.  The General Meeting begins at 6:45 and is held at the Harrison.  The General Meeting will be adjourned by 8:00 at which time an executive meeting will be conducted with just the board members and Property Services.  This allows the board the opportunity to discuss outstanding Homeowner fees and decide on the necessary actions to take to collect outstanding fees.

Mark your calendar for November 14th, 2016 for the Annual Meeting.  Location to be determined.

This concluded the general meeting at 8:00, Max thanked those homeowners present for their interest and attendance.

Jane Stevenson, Recording Secretary