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Friday, December 8, 2017

Town Hall Meeting

Dear All,

My next Town Hall Meeting is fast approaching - as it will be on Saturday, December 16th from 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. at Flanner and Buchanan Community Center on High School Road.  I have invited Ptl. Timothy Blackwell and Ptl. Madeline Green with Northwest District IMPD to present a program on Active Shooters.  With some of the recent events this year around our Country, including recently the church in Texas and the tragedy in Las Vegas, I thought this might be a good time to ask them to come to a Town Hall Meeting.  I have seen this program before, and found it very informative and educational.  I also am looking forward to seeing it again, as I feel a presentation of  this nature you learn something new no matter how many times you see it, and it registers with you better if you ever were in a horrible situation like an Active Shooter. 

Please forward this info to others in our District who may not be on my email list, and for those who are HOA leaders, if you could make sure your neighbors are aware, I would appreciate it.  I have been passing out cards to various neighborhoods along with some of my wonderful helpers, but due to weather, limited daylight hours, and busy schedules I am not making as much progress as I would like.  So, I hope you will forward this to your neighbors.  Also, if anyone would like to help me pass out cards in their neighborhood or another neighborhood, please let me know.  Below is a sample of the cards' information.  I am out every day somewhere and certainly would appreciate the help very much.  It is great exercise and this time of year so much fun to see all the decorations that are out there - and to know where you may want to drive by at night!


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6

Would you know what to do if you were in an Active Shooter situation?
These horrible shootings have occurred around the country. 
C.R.A.S.E. (Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events) is an informal presentation to prepare
civilians in the event of an attack and response options until the police arrive on the scene.
Come learn more at:

Councillor Janice McHenry's
Quarterly Town Hall Meeting

Saturday, December 16th
10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Flanner and Buchanan Community Center
2950 N. High School Road

IMPD Northwest District's Timothy Blackwell and Madeline Green will be presenting this program
for us.  Join Councillor McHenry and others in our district to learn more about how to react
if ever in an Active Shooter Situation.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Annual Meeting Q/A

 Nov 14 at 2:26 PM

On Tuesday, November 14, 2017 2:26 PM, Veronica Coleman wrote:

During last night’s Annual Meeting, the presentation for the 2018 proposed budget contained a new line item—Comcast.  It was stated that the Association had a contract with Comcast for 15 years.  No other explanation was provided since I was required to follow president Max Roe’s process despite my request for point of information.  So, in order to minimize Mr. Roe and the board’s hostile exchange with my asking questions, I did not press the issue to include Mr. Roe and the board for not adhering to Roberts Rules of Order.  Therefore, as a homeowner and member of the Association, it would be greatly appreciated if you would respond to the following questions since the Comcast item is new for 2018:

1.  Where in the Association’s governing documents, specifically the covenants and bylaws as it relates to the Indiana Code, that allows the board to enter into an exclusive contract with Comcast particularly without notification to the membership and restricted dollar amounts for entering into such an agreement/contract?

2.  Who signed and when was the Agreement/contract signed?  Can I obtain a copy of the Agreement/contract since it has now been finalized?

3.  What are the terms of the Comcast Agreement/contract such as years in effect, base rate, current rate and percentage rate increase each year for the life of the Agreement/contract?

4.  How does the association benefit from this bulk service agreement/contract compared to having each homeowner be responsible for cable and/or internet service?

5.  What other cable or fiber optic companies did the board seek to compare pricing and services that would be more beneficial to the Association?

6.  Why did the board select Comcast other than it held the Agreement/contract previously?

7.  It was stated that the Association would receive $100 per unit from Comcast for having exclusive rights to provide cable and internet service.  Does this mean that all 108 units will be required to pay Comcast whether or not it uses the service?

8.  How will homeowners be notified that the Comcast is the board’s preferred cable and internet service provider and how to upgrade services?

9.  Will homeowners be required to pay an additional fee or see an increase in assessment fees for the board selecting comcast?  If so, when?

10.  When and/or wIll there be a special assessment implemented in order to pay Comcast?  If so, how much and when to anticipate the special assessment?



          I recall you asking for a "Point of Order" (PoO) while Susan was giving the financial report. Below is the PoO definition.

Point of order definition: A term of parliamentary law and procedure which refers to an interjection during a meeting by a member, who does not have the floor, to call the attention of the chair to an alleged violation or breach of the assembly's or meeting's rules of order.

          If, in fact, you did ask for "Request for Information", you were out of order for not rising and addressing the chair with your request.

This was copied from Robert's Rules Online:
Article IV. Incidental Motions.
Section 27. Requests Growing out of the Business of the Assembly.
(b) Request for Information. A request for information relating to the pending business is treated just as a parliamentary inquiry, and has the same privileges. The inquirer rises and says, "Mr. Chairman, I rise for information," or, "I rise to a point of information," whereupon the chair directs him to state the point upon which he desires information, and the procedure continues as in case of a parliamentary inquiry. If the information is desired of the speaker, instead of the chair, the inquirer upon rising says, "Mr. Chairman, I should like to ask the gentleman a question." The chairman inquires if the speaker is willing to be interrupted, and if he consents, he directs the inquirer to proceed. The inquirer then asks the question through the chair, thus, "Mr. Chairman, I should like to ask the gentleman," etc. The reply is made in the same way, as it is not in order for members to address one another in the assembly. While each speaker addresses the chair, the chair remains silent during the conversation. If the speaker consents to the interruption the time consumed is taken out of his time.

          The 2018 proposed budget does not have a line item for Comcast. Comcast approached Country Village Homeowners Association in 2017 for the right to be the only cable company to be allowed to bury cable in the community to provide homeowners interested in having Comcast services.

          This was explained eloquently by Susan after the financials were presented.

          This agreement in no way costs the Association, nor its membership anything. The membership is not required to patronize Comcast in any way unless the member desires Comcast to provide service to them.

          The Association benefits from the fact that Comcast has gifted Country Village Homeowners Association with $10,800.00.

          It was never stated that Comcast would have exclusive rights to provide cable and internet service. Please refer to the third paragraph starting "The 2018 proposed budget..." So, with that in mind, the membership will never be required to pay Comcast for services the member has not signed up to receive.

          Because Comcast has never been touted as Country Village Homeowners Association preferred cable and internet service, there is no need to notify the membership. All members are free to chose any service they want.

          Be assured that there will not be any increase in association fees, nor will there ever be a assessment fee because of Comcast.

          The questions that were in your email were all answered. It is hoped that this will ease your anxiety on this issue. 

Max Roe,
Country Village Homeowners Association
Board of Directors 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

September 2017 Board Minutes

Minutes – September 11, 2017

Attendees:                      Sharon Eichmann, Max Roe, Betty Shaw, Jane Stevenson
Absent:                            John Hedge
PSG:                                  Larry Edwards, Susan Keene
Homeowners Present:  Veronica Coleman, Kathy Messer, Karen Rose

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Max Roe.

Financials were reviewed.  All information was complete except the invoice and entry for the shrub trimming.  Susan Keene will correct and provide corrected information/documents to the board.

There will be a $10,800.00 deposit made to the Money Market account. 

Painting on Stillmeadow property is about completed.  Painting company is to be contacted and informed they will have to paint the building that includes 7932 Sunfield.  This building was power washed by mistake.  Max Roe had informed the workers they were working on the wrong building, but they continued their work.  The painting of this building is at the contractor’s expense.

Annual Meeting will be held on November 13, 2017 at the Eastern Club House at 7:00pm.

Karen Rose came to the meeting to discuss the parking issues on Piney Wood.  There are vehicles that park too close to the entrance of this street and park on each side of the street.  This makes it impossible for emergency vehicles to enter the street.  These vehicles belong to residents that actually live on Valley Farm Road.   We have been instructed to contact the Mayor’s Action Center to register a concern (317) 327-4622.  Max Roe is working with the city to determine if there is something we can do about marking certain areas for no parking. 

Veronica Coleman asked if she could ask some questions of the board.  The following questions were documented and handed to the board secretary following the meeting.

Document from Ms. Coleman:
Questions for the EVFCV Board of Directors Meeting September 11, 2017.
The following questions are submitted to the Board for a response to Veronica Coleman since the Board was unable to respond during the September 11, 2017 Board Meeting.  Response may be sent via email or snail mail (U.S. postal service).

 KATHY MESSER WAS PRESENT.  These questions have been asked many times before with the same response.

Question #1:  How Many delinquency letters have been sent since January 2017.?
Delinquent accounts are a confidential matter and legally cannot be discussed with membership.

Question #2: How many delinquencies have been sent to the attorney?
Delinquent accounts are a confidential matter and legally cannot be discussed with membership.

Question #3:  Have any liens been filed since January 2017?
Delinquent accounts are a confidential matter and legally cannot be discussed with membership.

Questions #4: Since homeowners do not have access to the Associations’ financial reports, do we have any charge or credit cards in the Association’s name?  What about petty cash?
The association does not have any charge or credit card, no debit cards.  There is no petty cash.  All expenses are paid by check and an invoice is associated with said check.  As it has been said before, homeowners have the right to review the entire financial report by contacting PSG’s office and requesting time to go to their office and review the reports.  The financial information will be posted in current status no later than September 13, 2017.

Questions #5:  How much can PSG spend without board approval?

The general session was adjourned at 7:40

There is no board meeting in October.

Annual Meeting will be held on November 13, 2017 at the Eastern Club House at 7:00pm.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

August 2017 Treasurer's Report

      Country Village HOA

August 2017 Treasurer's Report


   First Merchants Checking

   First Merchants Money Market  $27,277.32



   Monthly Profit/(Loss)

   YTD Profit/(Loss)

July 2017 Treasurer's Report

    Country Village HOA 

July 2017 Treasurer's Report


   First Merchants Checking
   First Merchants Money Market  $27,277.32

   Monthly Profit/(Loss)
   YTD Profit/(Loss)

May 2017 Treasurer's Report

Country Village HOA
May 2017 Treasurer's Report


   First Merchants Checking

   First Merchants Money Market  $23,275.19



   Monthly Profit/(Loss)

   YTD Profit/(Loss)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

August 2017 Board Minutes


Call to order at 7pm by Max Roe, president

Board members: Max Roe, Betty Shaw, Sharon Eichmann
Management: Susan Keene, Larry Edwards
Homeowners: Jim Vernon, Kathy Messer, Veronica Coleman

First order of business:
3 buildings have been painted. 4th building is being prepared for painting.
7932 Sunfield Court was power washed in error by paint crew. Contractor will paint at his cost.

Discussion was held about making Stillmeadow Drive, Sunfield Court, Pineywood Court no parking zones, parking on one side only or timed parking. This concerns safety issues.
Janice McHenry, council representative for our district, will be contacted about the process to follow to possibly get this enacted.

Apple tree at 8021 Sunfield Court was removed due to ill health. A number of Crab Apple trees are mostly dead. Larry Edwards will make list of these trees and submit for bids.
3119 Stillmeadow Drive needs limbs trimmed away from chimney and chimney cap repaired.

Discussion on ground cover removal at 8015 Sunfield Court (Ivy)
Letters will be written to homeowners at 3147 Stillmeadow Drive and 7946 Sunfield Court explaining that their ground cover has not been controlled. They will be given a reasonable amount of time to eradicate the  ground cover or the Association will do it and the properties account will be charged.

Contractors contacted so far are: Growing Image, Raintree, Classic Lawn Care. A fourth is expected.

Larry Edwards will contact Rob about the progress of the shrub trimming. It has been reported that trimming has not been through.

Homeowners were thanked for attending and dismissed at approximately 7:30pm.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

June 2017 Board Minutes

Minutes – June 12, 2017

Attendees:                      Sharon Eichmann, Max Roe, Betty Shaw, Jane Stevenson
Absent:                            John Hedge
PSG:                                  Larry Edwards, Susan Keene
Homeowners Present:  Veronica Coleman, Steve Linson, Kathy Messer, Jim Vernon

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm by Max Roe.

One building painted and second one to start June 13.                                                             

Tatum’s getting new front door and has been approved by board.

Community garage sale is July 28th and 29th.

General Session adjourned at 7:30.

Jane Stevenson, Recording Secretary

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 2017 Board Meeting

Country Village Board will not meet in July