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Friday, June 12, 2015

March 2015 Board Minutes

BOARD:  Max Roe, Betty Shaw, Sharon Eichmann, Steve Fulkerson, Veronica Coleman

MANAGEMENT:  Larry Edwards, Susan Keene

HOMEOWNERS:  Mr. and Mrs. Vernon, Loma Chan, Karen Crowe, Kendra Meetz, Margie Bontrager

The Country Village Board met on March 9, 2015, at The Harrison.  The February financials and Accounts Receivables were reviewed.

  • Max Roe proposed a way to stagger the terms of the newly elected Board so the Association would not be choosing four of the five Board members in one year.  He offered a motion to give the two top vote getters the three-year terms, and the other two Board members would serve for two years.  It was seconded and approved by the Board. (Eichmann-Fulkerson)  The future elections will be as follows:
2016>>Steve Fulkerson
2017>>Veronica Coleman, Betty Shaw
2018>>Sharon Eichmann, Max Roe

  • The Board received a letter from Jim Vernon stating that three homeowners had traveled to the PSG offices and audited the financial books for 2014.  They were provided with all reports necessary to check expenses and deposits.  All books are in good financial order. Karen Crowe asked the Board to check on a cost for an official outside audit.  Management will get a quote from Comer and Associates. This accounting firm specializes in providing audits for condominium association.
  • Karen Crowe also reported a large maple tree that is destroying the sidewalk on Stillmeadow.  The Board and Management are aware of the problem, but that tree is on private property and the homeowner does not want us to do anything.  A couple of neighbors offered to speak with the homeowner about this situation.  The Board will also talk to Roy Wolf about the tree inventory and get his opinion on the right way to handle the large maples.  Should they be trimmed back as far as possible or removed and replaced with a smaller tree?
  • The 2015 budget calls for the complete repair and painting of four buildings—two on Stillmeadow and two on Sunfield:
3121-23-27-29 Stillmeadow, 3131-33-37-39 Stillmeadow
8006-08-12-14 Sunfield, 8016-18-22-24 Sunfield
These four buildings are next on the painting schedule.  Two decks will also be addressed because of a potential collapse:
7831-37 Eagle Valley Pass, 8011-17 Sunfield

  • Max Roe asked Roni Coleman to comment on her walk throughout the community.  Roni stated that the community looks like two different places.  Stillmeadow looks different from the other areas in Country Village.  She looked at buildings and landscaping and felt the area looked dated. Max agreed that Stillmeadow looked different from Sunfield, Piney Wood, Eagle Valley Pass, and Valley Farms.  First of all, the Stillmeadow section was the first built and sold.  It was built on a hill and definitely over-landscaped.  The trees are older and larger and should be addressed but how they should be addressed is the question. 
  • The Board will continue to try to establish priorities so that all areas of Country Village are treated the same.  Everything that was talked about tonight takes money.  The Board has to address how to spend the maintenance fees and address the issues fairly.

The meeting was adjourned.
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