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Friday, April 20, 2018

Financial Review

Jane Stevenson
7935 Piney Wood Court
Indianapolis, IN 46214

                                                                                                                                    April 4, 2018
To:    Max Roe, President CVHOA
         Betty Shaw, Vice President CVHOAat
         John Hedge, Member
         Sharon Eichmann, Member

CC:    Susan Keene, Property Services Group
         Larry Edwards, Property Services Group

On March 9, 2018, I took three homeowners to Property Services Group to review the financial records for the year 2017.  The homeowners were:  Jim Vernon, Steve Linson, and Kendra Meeks.  John Hedge joined us at the offices.

John oversaw the task while each of us reviewed files.  The following comments and concerns were noted:

1.Each monthly file included the ledger sheet documenting the checks that were written, a copy of the invoices and associated checks, a balance sheet and monthly budget recap.  Bank Statements were missing from the earlier months.  Corrective action recommended, bank statements are to be included in the monthly file.
2. Payments made to Creditors such as Menards do not indicate the properties materials were purchased for.  The materials are broken down by a specific account such as decks, builds, etc, but no property identified.   Corrective action recommended, document associated properties with goods purchased.
3.There were a couple of incidents where a check was written to a business for goods, i.g. Sherwin Williams with no invoice attached.  Corrective action recommended, A copy of any invoice paid out of Country Village funds needs to be attached to a check in file.
4.It was noted by both Steve Linson and Jim Vernon there are several checks written for legal fees as a result of one particular Homeowner.  This raised a concern regarding the amount of money this homeowner has cost our community.

Everything was sufficiently accounted for and questions were researched and answered promptly.  Thank you for trusting me to coordinate the homeowners participation and being a part of this financial review.


Jane Stevenson, Secretary/Treasurer, CVHOA
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