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Monday, February 29, 2016

August 2015 Board minutes


August 2015 Minutes

BOARD:  Max Roe  Steve Fulkerson  Sharon Eichmann  Betty Shaw  Roni Coleman

MANAGEMENT:  Larry Edwards  Susan Keene

The July minutes were reviewed.  Roni Coleman added a correction to the July minutes.  She also asked the CPA firm if they do reviews.  The answer was no, only compilations.  The minutes were accepted as corrected. (Fulkerson-Eichmann)

The July financials and accounts receivable were reviewed.


Roni Coleman pointed out that the new Indiana Condominium statutes only apply to those Associations that were incorporated after a certain date.  All Associations incorporated before the date would have to approve the law by homeowner vote.  Larry Edwards stated that the explanation he received did not state that, and he will ask Scott Tanner or Greg Chandler, authors of the bill, about this.


The Board briefly discussed the 2016 budget to be presented to the homeowners at the Annual Meeting.  The 2016 priorities are again the buildings, the deck structures, and the tree landscaping.  Several budget items will need subcategories so the Board will know more precisely how the money is being spent.  The “Decks” line item will be split into “Flooring” and “Structure”.  The same will happen for “Common Area” with three subcategories…”Drainage, Trash Pick-up, Mailboxes.”  Other line items will be looked at accordingly.
Susan Keene of PSG will prepare four budget proposals for the Board to discuss.  Three of the budgets will have a line item for Audit, Compilation, or Review.  The fourth will not include that line item.  The Board will change amounts as it sees fit.  Susan has been directed to include an appropriate increase in the maintenance fee.  Documents call for an 8% increase ($11.00) without homeowner approval.

Homeowners met with the Board preceding the meeting.  There was no formal agenda since no topics were given in a timely manner, but homeowners brought up the following items:
  • Moles are still a problem.  Grub control may be needed for next year’s fertilization bid.
  • Cracks in the driveways are a homeowner responsibility.  Repairs would need white sand and self-leveling concrete.
  • Management will be spraying the webworms in the maple trees with Sevin.
  • Homeowners are responsible for termite treatment inside the chimney.  Association takes care of the outside stone.
  • The documents state that the Annual meeting is to be held on the 2nd Tuesday of October.
  • The Board will talk to the Western Board about children walking on the top of the large wall between Stillmeadow and the Western neighborhood.

The meeting was adjourned.
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